Orchard Creek Band  is a group of committed Colorado musicians - Dave Richardson (banjo), Keith Murdock (Dobro), Jan Springer (guitar) Kevin Slick (mandolin) and Roz Weller (bass).  Our confluence came quite naturally.  We were enjoying local bluegrass jams in Boulder, CO area where we were impressed by each other's talent.  Even though our musical backgrounds are wide and varied, the combination of styles has become a vibrant and diverse bluegrass blend of traditional forms, contemporary and original concepts, gospel touches and a lot of fun.  It's fresh picked bluegrass that is sure to please!  

Please explore our music and get in touch with us at info@orchardcreekband.com.

  • Stand By the Girl
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  • Orchard Creek
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  • Dyin Town
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  • Orchard Creek
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  • Panhandle Rag
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  • Orchard Creek
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"I hope you came out to hear some bluegrass music.  If you didn't, we're both in the wrong place."

-Ricky Skaggs



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Orchard Creek Band @

Farmstand Co-op 

1201 Arapahoe, Boulder CO

Saturday, Sept. 5, 10a-12p MST

Private Event 

Oct. 17

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